segunda-feira, 21 de abril de 2014


OMG~! I SEE the BIG PICTURE. I just found out that China's money is debt and interes
OMG~! I SEE the BIG PICTURE. I just found out that China's money is debt and interest free because they issue their own money and have locked out the Rothschild Central Bankers. So has Putin and Russia. They Rothschilds think they are the Kings on the Chessboard and are planning to take out both Russia AND China to regain financial control over their markets.
The Rothschilds Elite are Psychopathic Control Freaks and whomever they cannot control they will seek to destroy, as if they have some kind of Divine Claim upon all flesh to pay tribute to them, or maybe to their Master, Lucifer, for whom they are the Earthly and Human Representatives.
The Rothschilds are the Vatican's Bankers and the Vatican is the visible Institution of the Antichrist- or that which is against the Divine Order. The Antagonist of Life Itself.
Now, the Zionist Rothschilds are following their Luciferian marching orders, having helped to established a Jewish State in Palestine in 1948 according to the Balfour Declaration, supposedly as reparations to the Jews after the Nazi atrocities- but in fact, it was a way for the Luciferians to create a Zionist State, co-opt the Jewish Homeland Movement and to round up and gather all Jews into one central location for the next phase of their Luciferian Plan.
Now, since China and Russia have essentially regained total control their own financial markets and have said "Go F*ck Yourselves" to the Vatican/Babylonian Banksters, the Rothschilds now intend to incite a fiery conflagration in the Middle East which will accomplish 2 of Lucifer's primary objectives:
1) The destruction of the Jews
2) The submission of China and Russia to the Rothschilds Banking Elite- that is, to the Luciferian Vatican.
First, they will create a False Flag scenario that incites Israel to strike against Iran- another country without a single Rothschilds-owned Bank.
Since Russia is a strong ally of Iran, they will rush to assist. The US will then get involved to stand with it's ally, Israel, against Russia.
China, as a major ally of Russia will then get involved to stand with them against the US.
The resulting conflagration will deplete and make weak all 3 Superpowers and Israel will likely be reduced to rubble.
Then the Rothschilds step in with the final implementation of their Globalist NWO Agenda- Full Spectrum Dominance, Panopticon Surveillance and Total Control through a micro-chipped population.
You see, we are the only ones that can prevent this nightmare scenario from unfolding. We must expose the Central Bankster Elite and all their wicked works.
I for one deny "Satan", and all his "wicked works".
I affirm the Reality that has been gifted to us by the Creator and swear my love and allegiance to the Creator, and to Our Lady Earth, who has suffered terribly at the hands of these corrupted beings known as the Central Banking Elite and their minions.
By exposing their innumerable atrocities, we will emancipate humanity from it's mental slavery and move into the greatest period of freedom and happiness that humanity has ever experienced.
The Whole World is waiting on us.
If not us, who? If not now, when?